Accredited European Schools (AES)

Accredited European Schools (AES)

Accredited European Schools (AES) are a growing number of schools which, without forming part of the network of European Schools organised by the intergovernmental organisation ‘The European Schools’, offer a European education that meets the pedagogical requirements laid down for the European Schools but within the framework of the national school networks of the Member States and hence outside the legal, administrative and financial framework to which the European Schools (ES) are compulsorily subject.

Important to understand: the final degree, called “European Baccalaureate”, has the same recognition all over Europe, no matter if it was achieved in an ES or an AES. The final two years (S6 & S7) are basically organized in the same way in all AES and ES. If not, the AES wouldn’t have their “accreditation”. All accredited European schools are linked to the European Schools system by an Accreditation Agreement.

The European Baccalaureate is officially recognised as an entry qualification for higher education in all EU countries.

‘The European Schools’ provided by the Office of the Secretary-General of the European Schools

Here is a list of the growing community of Accredited European Schools (AES). The list grows each year!

European School Paris La Défense - France