Discussion about ES in the CULT Committee

The CULT committee of the European Parliament stands for “Committee on Culture and Education.” It’s a group of members of the European Parliament who focus on issues related to culture, education, youth, media, and sports within the European Union. Essentially, they work together to discuss, create policies, and make decisions on matters that impact culture and education across the EU member states.

The CULT committee plays a role in shaping and overseeing education policies within the European Union, including policies related to schools. While the CULT committee is involved in broader education issues, it can indirectly influence or discuss matters related to the European Schools system.

On February the 13th, during the next meeting of CULT, the European Schools and especially the document “European Schools System: State of Play, Challenges and Perspectives” will be discussed. You can follow this live or see the recording here: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/committees/en/cult/meetings/webstreaming

The meetings starts at 9:00 and the subject ES will be discussed perhaps from 9:30/10nish on.

You can listen to those meetings in many different languages. Click on one of the icons in the lower right corner and choose your preferred language.

On the linked page you also find all the formerly web streamed meetings from CULT. On another page (choose from the menu) you can find the agenda and other documentations of all those meetings.